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The Gobi tour

It is unpleasant to spend a day in a car. To spend a day in a four-seat UAZ (which came as a replacement for our broken one), traveling across Mongolia, with five people inside, was very unpleasant. We did it twice, on 28th and 29th.
Mongolian landscapes are changing slowly when you drive by, especially in the Gobi Desert where everything is so huge that the mind refuses to believe it. For two days I watched the first season of Prison Break, glancing out the window, recalling the map and wondering – is this already the desert? And now? Meanwhile the hills were creeping further and further apart, gers (or yurts) became less frequent, and sheep and horses were replaced by camels. By the way, I never understood what’s the use of camels, except that they are bad transport. The colors outside were changing chaotically. The dominant, of course, was yellow, but there were red and white, and almost black in any combination.
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Khovsgol to Gobi

It was horrible. 17 hours in a “PAZ” bus with my knees pressed against the previous seat. Of course, I failed to sleep during the trip, so I looked out the window, tossed and turned in vain attempts to find a comfortable position and watched movies on a small tablet. Early in the morning I arrived to UB (finally a normal shower!), developed some photos and had a few drinks in the Chinggis Irish pub. Today is the day of internet and image processing.
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