Zhenya was born in soviet union as just another soviet youngster, but from his very childhood his mind was turned to the travelling, he did some hiking and rafting with his parents.

Later, in the high school he put his thoughts to the travelling inside his mind; meanwhile he finished the high school and became an IT specialist. When the idea of exploring the depth of mind a bit faded, he opened another chapter in his life – exploring the world OVERLAND. Since then he became a big fan of motorcycling (although witout even driver license, but who cares in Asia?) and rode through several countries.

In early 2011 he met Roman and Ward in Siem Reap, Cambodia… Only one beer was enough to decide that we all had one big interest: Travelling OVERLAND…

Zhenya cruised at that time around south east asia with a motorbike! Three month later he joined the “Road of Bones Express” in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Together we will explore Mongolia and the far east of Russia. Yihaaaa!

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